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Speak Academy is specialized online website for language learning purposes. After thorough research in this field, team of creators at Speak Academy have created unique platform for language learning. Throughout our research with teachers and tutors, we have found a way to create a unique, efficient and creative concept of learning languages for all people, with or without previous experience, regardless of their age, education or finances.

Guided by the idea of creating truly the best online learning experience for our users, Speak Academy gives you the opportunity of learning the language from comfort of your home, office or where ever you are.

Here at Speak Academy you have a choice of learning Courses for only 99 €.

Speak Academy offers their students the Certificate of completed course at our website, which can be helpful to our users in the future when It comes to work resumes and job opportunities. One could say that all sites have the same learning methods, but we at Speak Academy do our best to provide you with the most personalised and engaging ways of learning a new language.

Learn Language Course

We are set on providing content of the highest quality that is both practical, fun and easy to use.

Our team of experts are working non-stop on adding new and fun ways of learning, as well as perfecting the traditional methods, but will never add anything just for the sake of novelty.

Each and every part of our material is thoroughly evaluated by our resident linguists and teachers before ever being put up on the platform.

We always keep in mind that any language has both a conversational and a formal form, and that some people are interested in learning only one of those, while others want to learn both – and we are making sure that everyone can find something to their liking at Speak Academy.

Motivation is an important part of learning, that’s why our experts have created tools within our platform that help track your progress, enable you to create precise and realistic goals, and offer a recap of what you’ve learned so far, once you accomplish your goal.

We are also aware that everyone has their own way of learning – that’s why our team never stops researching and creating new content – and the more we grow the more options we will make, and the more we will be able to customize a more personal and fitting learning experience for you.

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